Extreme Weight Burning

Hcg Diet Plan

Hcg Diet Plan

       Before moving towards HCG Diet Plan, I should define and explain the word HCG.  HCG is the abbreviation of “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin." Basically, it is Hormone, which is generated during Pregnancy at the time of development of Embryo. It can be found in both Man and Woman, but mostly it is present in Pregnant Females. Some believe that it causes bad effects, but some don’t.  Importantly, you must not take more than 500 Calories, and that limit must be maintained.

Kinds of Fats in Human Body

v  Structural Fat
There are three types of fats have been found in Human body. Structural Fat can be considered first type that exists in blank space found between different parts of the body, and its function is to bed the kidneys in sleek elastic tissue, giving protection to arteries and keeping the skin smooth and soft. These are also found as an elastic layer below the lower surface of feet that helps us to walk smoothly.

v  Fat Help in Drawing Body
 This reservoir of fat helps the body to draw itself in all dimensions when the food and nutrition from the intestinal tract are not enough. Such reservoirs of fats are present almost all over the Human body.

v  Abnormal Fat
These fats are also a good reservoir but completely abnormal. Such fats are not available for the body to meet the food requirements.

HCG Diet

                HCG Diet contains very minimum and low-Calorie diet, and also it is taken by mouth or injected directly into the body.  It has an ability to increase the weight loss almost 2 to 3 pounds a day. Additionally, it helps to remove undesired fat exist in the body and persist in weight loss for long time.

v  Breakfast
If you really want to reduce your weight, then you must take tea or coffee without mixing any sugar in it and just take one tablespoon milk in 24 hours. You can also utilize stevia.

v  Lunch
·         Meat
      Some people really love to eat meat, so for them, I have prepared a special technique.  Take almost 100 grams of beef, chicken, fresh white fish, crab and removed all fats carefully that are visible to you. Now boil it on high temperature. Furthermore, it must be noted that you are not permitted to utilize herring, dried or pickled fish because it may prove dangerous.  You may remove the chicken breast too.

·         Vegetables
                Here is also great plan for Vegetarians. The vegetables that you can take in Lunch are following. You can take just one a day from them but can alter it day by day.
1.       Cabbage
2.       Fennel
3.       Cucumber
4.       Asparagus
5.       Salad
6.       Tomatoes
7.       Spinach

·         Bread
                In a day just take one breadstick. Instead of Bread, you can take toast in addition.

·         Fruits
                Fruits are most beneficial for health, but some of them may increase your weight that can create a lot of problems for you. So take suggested fruits that are below:
An Orange, One Bunch of Strawberries, Grapes and an Apple. Don’t take Banana.

v  Dinner
In Dinner, there is no specific food; you can get same diet that I have discussed briefly in the “Lunch” part of this article.
Note:  If you are applying the above method to reduce your weight, then you are not permitted to use Cosmetics, Medicines except Eyebrow Pencil, Lipstick and Powder.  If you are tired, you must not use massage service of any type.
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Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss

Looking fat is extremely unbearable for everybody, because the fat people do not look smart, elegant and beautiful according to shape. So, I have brought some easy and effortless extreme weight loss tips, by which you can easily reduce your weight in days. This whole article that part of which I am going to finish being just for USA audiences because the weight problem is mostly found in United States of America.


If you really want to maintain your weight to a normal level, first method that you will need to utilize is Starvation. You ought to keep yourself hungry. In my point of view, just take a one-time meal.

Removal of Fatty Acid for Extreme Weight Loss

More efficient method of reducing fats is getting rid the fatty acids that are present on the inner surface of skin by bringing the special type of Tube into use.

Detox Method

Another best way to losing weight is Detox Diet method that is mostly for those having digestive problems.
Detox is one type of concentrated liquid that is taken by the person wants to reduce weight and in a very short period it cleans the digestive system. However, this technique is not a permanent.

Taking Injections

To lose weight rapidly, many people use injections that are effective, but it is not allowed according to the US laws. Furthermore, to know whether it is effective method or not, you must check out weight loss injections reviews online.

HCG injections for weight loss

These injections have lot of side effects, so people around you that claims about it effectiveness, then they are just willing to sell products not to help you in weight loss. According to my doctors, it is not a good way to lose weight.

Real Weight Loss Solutions

The best and cheap method to reduce weight is your control on diet, with the help of exercise and walk burn calories.

Laxatives for Weight Loss

It is also one of the most awesome methods to lose your weight easily. Laxatives can be in the form of tablets or powder. By this method, the food inside your body will be digested very rapidly than usual. It brings the usage of food inside the body quickly and in this way the food leaves the body fast. Almost 90% of water moves out from the body that causes weight loss, but by stopping its take, you can restore back your weight.

Side Effects of Laxatives for Weight Loss

This method is pretty good but very risky, because due to this method deficiency of water inside the body occurs at a high rate. It is dangerous for colon and digestive tract.

Additional ways of reducing Weight

  • Take in large Amount of Water.
  • Avoid working with useless Calories, just like you take soda as an example.
  • Don’t take much of meat in Meal.
  • Try your best to get at least four serving of vegetables because it enhances the rate of a metabolic process throughout the body.
  • Take two serving of fruits, containing a bundle of fibers. 


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